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Paris Dive Show | January 2015

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Every year all that has anything to do with scuba diving haults itself to Paris in the cold month of January. It is at this time of year that Paris hosts the annual International Paris Dive Show called 'Le Salon de la Plongée'. Being the scuba fanatics that we are we had off course to visit this show as soon as possible.

And in January 2015 we did! We bought tickets online, took the Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris and

entered the walhalla of scuba shows in France.

Once inside I felt like a kid in a candy store: Wakatobi, Bahamas, Raja Ampat, Mexico and a lot more. It's all there! And off course all the famous scuba brands too: Aqualung, Mares, Cressi and Beuchat.

The show is very well organised and all you can think of has been taken care of. There was even a stand where you could get your regulator serviced on the spot!

It's here the we actually met up with the guys at La Sirena Diving from L'Estartit. They had an incredible offer and 4 months later we were on a plane towards L'Estartit to dive The Medes Islands with them. You can read all about this trip here.

In the end one of our biggest moments was finally meeting up with the lovely Liz Parkinson from Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas. As a passionate shark advocate, PADI ambassadivers and free diver we really wanted to meet her and talk to this wonderful person. And it's there that our interest in the Bahamas and their sharks turned into a passion. And a year later in November 2016 I proposed to Sabine during a shark feed at Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas. You can read our shark story here.

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