What Yap Island is really famous for is it's Manta Rays. The local Manta Ray population can be seen all year, summer or winter. While during summer the Manta Rays prefer the channels on the island's east side, during winter, their mating season, they are normally spotted in latter Miil Channel on a site called "Landing Pad". Locals are very proud to point out that Yap Island is a Manta Sanctuary – so no Manta Ray can be harmed around this beautiful island. During a typical Manta Dive you will not move a lot. You will be brought to the "Landing Pad" and be pointed out to a spot, where you can just hover and have the Rays come to you for some interaction - some days we have up to 20 Mantas around playing with each other - which is just amazing to watch - you should not forget to gear up with your wide angle lens - the rays will come very, very close!!

The Yap Pacific Resort


Manta Ray Bay Resort


Yap Pacific Divers www.yap-pacific.com

Here you can enjoy world-class scuba diving and a host of environmentally friendly activities.


Yap Divers www.mantaray.com/yap-divers.php

Award winning Yap Divers is Yap's first PADI Golden Palm Resort and is adjacent to the Manta Ray Bay Hotel thus forming Yap's first PADI Gold Palm Resort.

Diving is good year round, with the Trade Winds blowing from November to May. During these months, manta dives are done in Mi'il Channel and our reef and wall dives are at the southern end and western side of the island. Boat rides for the reefs can be rough at times, but the diving sites are calm and safe. In the summer months, June through October, manta dives are done in both Mi'il and Goofnuw Channels for the mantas, and all of the reefs around Yap are accessible as the winds cease and the ocean is usually calm.

All flights arrive at the Yap International Airport (airport code YAP).

United Airlines is the only airline that services Yap, and the current schedule can be best found online on www.united.com

As Guam is the "gateway" for entering the islands of Micronesia, traveling through Guam is a necessity in most cases. Other nearby cities are Manila, with regular flights to Koror, Palau and Hong Kong, with continuing flight service to Guam.

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