Remote and truly unspoiled, the waters around Vava'u are absolutely stunning. A bit rough and not as easy to get to as for instance Hawaii. But he who makes the effort of coming here will be rewarded with some truly magnificent travel memories. And much is the same for the scuba diving. Here you will not find big dive operations with a focus on large groups. Small, simple and personal is the way to go. But some decent scuba diving experience can come in handy as the scuba diving still is very difficult to organise as this place is so remote. So make sure you are ready when you come all this way!

Euaiki Island

Blue Lagoon

The Tongan Beach Resort

Mystic Sands

Reef Resort Vava'u


Vava'u Villa

Lucky's Beach House

Port Wine

Nerima Lodge

Pineapple Bungalows

Dive Vava'u

Beluga Diving Vava'u

Tongan Expeditions

Riki Tiki Tonga

The best time to visit Tonga is outside the cyclone season between the months of April and November. Outside this period it can get quite hot and unpleasantly humid.

First fly to the Fua'amotu International Airport (Airport code=TBU) on the capital island of Tonga called Nuku'alofa. Then to get to Vava'u it is approximately a one hour flight with real Tonga (

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