Well you probably don’t know this, but this place  should be on any divers’ wish list as the diving here is phenomenal with a capital F! We absolutely loved the diving here. Especially the dramatic walls are amazing and could easily be ranked next to places like Little Cayman Island.

There are only two dive operators here. That’s it. No more. And thanks to the variety of the reef and underwater life, San Salvador is the object of studies from underwater biologists who regularly come to the island.

So even though it is relatively small (25 km long, 8 km wide), this place is home to marvellous, idyllic, secluded, unspoiled, powdery white beaches and an emerald-turquoise-blue sea which is also a magnet for your eyes.

But stttt…you did not hear this from us!

Club Med Columbus Isle


Riding Rock Resort

Guanahani Beach Club Resort

San Salvador Resort & Spa

Seafari International


The diveshop is located within the Club Med and has two huge boats to carry all the divers incl. equipment. They are part of a chain located also in Hurghada, Turks&Caicos and Maldives. Very proffesional but they only cater to Club Med. Mainly focused on French and Canadian visitors.


Riding Rock


Located within the Riding Rock Resort. This diveshop also offers all you can wish for. They are mainly focused on the American clientelle.

The Bahamas has a tropical monsoon climate with relatively consistent temperatures throughout the course of the year. Summertime temperatures reach about 32 degrees Celsius and the winter months have daytime temperatures between 21 and 26 degrees.

For scuba diving the only advice is to maybe avoid the month of September and Oktober as these have a relative high risk for hurricanes.

Fly into the San Salvador International airport (Airport code ZSA). It is served by different airlines:


Bahamas air direct daily flights from Nassau (Bahamas) (www.bahamasair.com)

Spirit airline direct flights from Ft. Lauderdale (United States) (www.spiritair.com)


West Jet direct flights from Montreal (Canada)



Can Jet direct flights from Montreal (Canada)



XL Airways direct flights from Paris (France)


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