Raja Ampat is known as the richest biosphere on the planet Earth and is sometimes referred to as the Last Eden. Home to over 75% of all known coral species and more than 1400 species of reef fish. Conservation is active in Marine Protected Areas throughout the Raja Ampat. And in addition the area around Pulau Pef is also protected by a no-take zone. The Raja Ampat is not only about diversity of species but also about colourful soft and hard coral gardens, walls and slopes, sea-grass beds, blue water mangroves, caves and caverns, muck critters, adrenalin filled drift dives, glass calm water, wrecks, jelly fish bays and superbly fishy reefs. So you see the Raja Ampat has it all: from giant Manta rays to tiny Pygmy seahorses!

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October to April with best chance of perfect conditions from mid-October to mid-December. Sea travel in smaller boats can be problematic in June, July and August so if you plan on covering a lot of ocean it would probably be best to pick a different time of year.

The easiest way to get to Raja Ampat is to fly to Sorong International Airport (Airport code SOQ). This can best be done via Jakarta or Manado. But is also possible from Makassar or Ambon. For most of these connections you can use:

Lion Air www.lionair.co.id

Xpress Airlines www.xpressair.co.id

Merpati airlines www.merpati.co.id

Silk Air www.silkair.com

Sriwijaya Air www.sriwijayaair.co.id

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