You name Nusa Lembongan and instantly we think 'Manta's and Mola Mola's'. Both Crystal Bay and Manta Point are really becoming famous dive sites. But especially Crystal Bay is reserved to experienced divers as the current can be quite strong and downward. But it is THE place to look for the famous Mola Mola in Nusa Penida (oceanic sunfish) during the season (August to October). But to have a chance to find the mola mola you will have to go down deeper around 30 meters.

So take the ferry from Bali to this island and have the time of your life. But there are no ATMs 'here so bring enough cash along!

Cocotinos Manado

Bastianos Bunaken Diving Resort

Bunaken Cha Cha Diving Resort

Bobochanden Silanden

Blue Bay Divers

LumbaLumba Diving

Thalassa Dive Center

Celebes Divers

Eco Divers

Froggies Divers

Gangga Island Resort

Kungkungan Bay Resort

Living Colours Diving

Two Fish Divers

Roughly from April until November is the best period to visit. Top months are June, July, August, September and October. That doesn't mean that it never rains but according to statistics this is the best period. In December the rainy season starts and there is more chance of bad weather. Mostly this bad weather doesn't last long and there are often enough opportunities to dive.

The best way to get to Manado is via Singapore (Airport Code SIN). Currently Silk Air ( offers direct flights from Singapore to Manado.

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