In the strip of sea between Sardinia and Corsica, also known as Bocche di Bonifacio, there is a galaxy of islands and islets surrounded by turquoise sea: one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, under special protection due to its naturalistic value: The Marine Park of La Maddalena.

The Marine Park is a vast and beautiful area that stretches from the ocean into the green of the surrounding mountains. The area has a rough coastline, steep seabed and high indices of biodiversity both in its terrestrial and marine ecosystems. And in 1994 the national government created a marine protected area surrounding this area in northern Sardegna. The first of it's kind in Sardegna.

So be sure to not only lay on the beach when visiting northern Sardegna, but to also get your hair wet in the fascinating underwater world of La Maddalena.

B&B Kalos

La Locanda di Piazza

Hotel Lafuntana

Hotel Adecco

Hotel Ancorra

Nautilus Diving Center


Blu Dive Center 


Orso Diving Club


Scubapoint Diving


Proteus Diving Center

Anthias Diving

From May to October with the vast majority of tourists arriving in July and August. So start booking early if you plan to go in peak summer!

First fly into North Sardegna’s International Airport located in Olbia (Airport code OLB).

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Then get yourself to your dive center of choice for La Maddalena Marine Park by bus or car. This will take not more than one hour depending on where you will be staying off course.

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