Lord Howe Island has often been described of as Australia's most beautiful island. And it has the southern most coral reef in the Pacific region.
The island's isolation has allowed it to develop unique and endemic marine life and therefore really is a divers' paradise.
It is less than a 2 hour flight from the Australian mainland and also very safe. Regarding the scuba diving you will be wowed here with sharp drop-offs, nice submerged walls, combined with all Pacific aquatic life you can imagine.
There are only two dive operators on the island and both are great. Both are situated next to each other on Lagoon Beach and are incredibly knowledgeable about the abundant marine life to be found here.

Pinetrees Lodge 

Somerset Apartments 

Pro Dive Lord Howe Island


Howea Divers


From April to November is generally the best time as December to March is the wet season with high humidity and lots of rain.

For getting to Lord How Island (airport code LDH) you should user Qantaslink that operate flights from Sydney, Port Macquarie and Brisbane on an almost daily basis.

Please note: The weight limit on Lord Howe flights is normally 14kg per person of checked baggage and 4kg of carry-on baggage. 
You may carry up to 23Kg checked luggage, but QF cannot guarantee this amount will be up-lifted. 

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