This low-lying rock has very few permanent residents and much of its limited land remains undeveloped. But just a few feet off the shore lie many of the island's secrets. From Phillipe Cousteau to David Doubliet, just about every diver who has ever experienced its reefs has stated that Little Cayman is one of the world’s premier dive. It's no lie that the diving around Little Cayman is recognized as some of the best in the Caribbean. With more then 45 Little Cayman diving sites including the legendary Bloody Bay Wall descending to a depth of 6000 feet, this undeveloped island provides divers a divers vacation like no other. Annual ratings in dive magazines continue to rate the famous Bloody Bay Wall at the top of their lists. So pack your dive bag and make sure you also rate it at the top of your dive list!

Conch Club Divers

Conch Club Divers is the in-house dive operation for Conch Club Condominiums and the primary dive operator for Paradise Villas.


Reef Divers

Reef Divers is the in-house dive operation for the Little Cayman Beach Resort


Pirates Point Divers

Pirates Point has a in-house dive operation for its Resort guests


Southern Cross Club

Southern Cross Club has a in-house dive operation for its resort guests.

The best time to visit the Cayman Islands is during the dry season from mid-November to the month of May. Although the Caymand Islands is a year round holiday destination and the temperature is good year round, the humidity is higher during hurricane season from June to November with a greater possibility of tropical showers. But underwater visibility is certainly better in summer than in winter. So choose wisely!

First fly into Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman (Airport Code GCM). Then you will need to get from Grand  Cayman to Little Cayman via Cayman Airways Express. If you are using Cayman Airways to get to Little Cayman (from a US gateway), the additional fare to get to and from Little Cayman is quite low.


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